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Car Wash Vacuums

Car wash vacuums are proven profit drivers for car washes. Customers expect to leave your car wash with a shiny car, of course, but they also expect to complete their visit with a vacuum cleaner that’s easy to use and more powerful than their vacuum at home. Whether it’s a simple coin-operated car wash vacuum or an advanced combo machine with all the bells and whistles, we carry great brands like J.E. Adams and Industrial Vacuum Systems (IVS) that have served the car wash industry for decades. Do you have reliable car wash vacuums to best serve the increasing expectations of your customers?

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Car Wash Vacuum Cleaner Buying Tips

Make sure to keep these important details in mind when figuring out which car wash vac is best for you:

  • Motors – The number of motors the vacuum has plays an important role in how powerful the unit is, how much power it will consume, and if the vacuum cleaner can be used by multiple people at the same time.
  • Payment Type – You can get vacuums that process coins, bills, tokens, and credit cards. Pay attention to the listed specifications of each vacuum so you buy one with payment types that you can support. For example, if the vacuum accepts coins, make sure you have change machines to complement it. If it accepts credit cards, you’ll need to set up an account with a processor to complete those transactions. Some car washes even offer free vacuums as a way to entice customers to get their car washed. This can be effective, but you’ll definitely want to conduct some due diligence to make sure it’s the right option for your business.
  • Dome Style – Domes are generally either made of heavy duty plastic or stainless steel. Plastic domes allow for extra color, and even light up in some cases. Steel domes offer a little more durability, longevity, and security.
  • Power Requirements – Make sure the vacuum that you’re interested in has the proper voltage you need for your current setup (probably the easiest approach). If you’re buying a new vacuum with a voltage requirement different from what you have currently, plan ahead and make sure you make the necessary electrical changes needed to power it.
  • Hose and Accessories – Does the vacuum come standard with a hose and tools? If not, you’ll need to buy those separately before the vacuum can be used properly.
  • Vault Ready – If you plan to used a buried or bricked in vault for coins, make sure your vacuum is "vault ready."
  • Other Services – You might find it worthwhile to get combo machines that also offer air services, shampooing and spot removal, or fragrance dispensing. These combo machines might use more power and be more complicated to fix, but they’re also very attractive to customers looking for a more complete cleaning process and can be an extra profit stream for you.

For more info, see our blog post about choosing the best vacuums for your car wash!