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Air Logic Car Wash Quality Chemical Dispensing Equipment

It's a very economical way to upgrade your old car wash equipment systems or to offer new products to your customers.  We offer foam brush, presoak, tire/motor, bug/mag, single foam wax, and triple foam wax.  Our single panel boards are compact and very easy to install. They are only 14” wide and vary in length from 19" to 36".      As an example, to install a new foam brush panel, all you have to do is remove all your old system in the room and mount the panel to the wall with 4 fasteners such as 1/4" nail anchors.  Attach an air line from the compressor to the pre plumbed air regulators,and bring a water source to the Hydrominder.  After that, attach the 1/4" poly tubing that goes to each bay.  Next, attach the 24 volt control wires from each bay to the wiring strip on the panel.  Insert the correct tip in the Hydrominder and fill the product tank.  Now turn on one of the bays and set your air regulators.  A good starting point is 45 psi for the Flojet pump and about  30 for the air.  Remember to adjust the metering screws on the product solenoids for desired flow.

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