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Universal Brush Company

Universal Brush began making car wash brushes in the mid-1940s, so the company has a long and respected history in the car wash industry. The Universal Brush Company primarily offers nylon bristle brushes and hogs hair brushes. A quality hog hair brush is the favored option for professional car washes and auto detail shops.  Nylon brushes are a more economical option for self-serve car washes.

Not only can you choose from a hog bristle brush or a nylon bristle brush, Universal also offers different size brushes and several material options for the brush head. In addition, brushes are available in rectangle, round, and specialty shapes so you can choose what you need for your applications. When it is time to replace the car wash brushes at your operation, consider Universal Brush and experience the difference quality can make! All products made in the U.S.A.