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Underground Safes for Car Washes

Safes are used to keep your profits safe and secure when customers deposit coins or tokens in your vacuums and self-serve bay coin boxes as payment. These underground safes are added to vacuums labeled as vault-ready. When these vacuums are made, they are created with a chute or port that connects to these safes so when the coin acceptor approves the payment the coins or tokens will slide down into the safe which is secure and hidden under the concrete of your vacuum island. Underground car wash safes are typically oriented horizontally and are embedded in concrete which makes them difficult to break into. 

You can access the coins and tokens through the safe head which is left exposed so you can access it. Typically, these safes don’t include a lock for the head so you can purchase one that meets your needs. Most of these safes are compatible with plug locks, padlocks, disc locks, and more. Please check the description on the product page for each safe and head model to find compatible lock styles. They are typically purchased separately, unless otherwise noted.

Kleen-Rite stocks underground safes in multiple sizes that each hold varying amounts of coins to match the volume of traffic at your wash. Choose from safes measuring from 10-18 inches in length. We also carry a multitude of parts that help you repair your safe in the field.