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Car Wash Spray Guns and Fittings

Kleen-Rite carries the best brands in the market for car wash spray guns. We have car wash spray gun products from impressive brands like Giant, Suttner, MTM Hydro, Spraying Systems, and more! In addition, we carry Kleen-Rite branded spray guns that offer high performance and quality at a value price!

Every car wash business has different requirements for their spray guns. If you need a car wash spray gun with a weep style or non-weep style, we have both options so you don't have to look anywhere else. Kleen-Rite has an ample selection of guns with different pressure ratings, flow rate capacities, and temperature parameters to meet the requirements of your equipment. Car wash operators should also consider details like grip shapes, trigger sensitivity, part materials, and body construction to make use more comfortable for your customers. In addition, you can shop various spray gun fittings, accessories, and parts to keep your guns operating like new!

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What’s the Difference Between Weep and Non-Weep Spray Guns?

Traditionally used in colder climates where freezing conditions occur, weep guns are used in any environment where the operator wishes for water to continually flow through their system and guns in low volume. This protects from freezing and the damage that occurs from it, and helps alleviate other pressure buildup in the system.

Non-weep guns are typically used in warmer climate areas where line freeze ups do not take place.  This style gun is also used in pressure washing applications where you do not want water to continue to flow when the trigger is released.

Read our blog about weep guns to learn more and figure out if they're right for your application!