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Telco Photoelectric Car Wash Sensors

Telco’s photoelectric sensors offers powerful, high excess gain & performance operation guaranteeing penetration through the toughest environments and contamination including; steam, soap, ice, fog, dirt, spray - which will cause most other sensors to fail during operation and not ensure reliable detection. Telco light immunity of up to 100,000 lux ensures that reflected, and even direct, sunlight does not cause any concern for the Telco sensors. The wide optical design and characteristics of Telco’s sensors make them effortless and simple to align, at even long opposed distances. Telco sensors are IP67 rated, so they will not leak, fog up or cause any failure due to water ingress - even when exposed to high-pressure spray and wash. Telco Sensors are tested to 30 g’s of shock, which means they are tough and durable - and will last for many years. All Telco sensors come with a 3-year worldwide warranty.

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