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Proto-Vest Car Wash Dryer Systems

So how do you find the right dryer for your facility? There’s definitely not one type of dryer for every kind of operation. The best way to obtain the right drying system for your wash is to be as informed as possible.  Being aware of a dryer’s capabilities, materials, decibels, energy usage, and general operation will allow you to make the most educated decision on which dryer(s) will provide the greatest results.  

Before purchasing a new system it is helpful to ask dryer manufactures questions like why their dryers are different from the competition, how effective the dryer really is and if there is any after sales support offered.  After the initial cost, a high quality product will provide a return on investment year after year, increasing bottom line profits.  The ideal dryer uses low horsepower, is well thought out, highly engineered and is designed for efficiency and longevity.