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American Changer Repair Parts and Kits

American Changer is an industry leader in the development and manufacture of bill changers, coin changers, and bill validators. This respected, award-winning corporation is continuously improving security, increasing functionality, and lowering operating costs so their customers are better served. American changer machines are supplied to car washes, arcades, casinos, and other bustling industries that require robust currency exchanging. Kleen-Rite is a proud distributor of American Changer bill breakers and coin changers designed with the professional car wash in mind.

Kleen-Rite is also a supplier of genuine American Changer parts like coin hoppers, wiring harnesses, bases/pedestals, and repair parts that allow you to service and maintain your American Changer units. It's important to use authentic American changer parts to fix your machines to keep them operating at optimal effectiveness. Shop Kleen-Rite to find the American Changer components that your business needs!