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Simoniz Vending and Retail Products

Simoniz has been developing car wash products to the highest standards and is the country's largest and most technologically advanced detail training center. They have developed your favorite vending machine products such as they Extreme Shine Tire Shine Gel Sponge or the Simoniz Glove Wipes Protectant pack. All of which help detail your car to put it at its finest integrity. Kleen-Rite carries all varieties of Simoniz products some of which include Perma Scents "Vanilla" Air Fresheners. Nothing captures your attention quite like the alluring mix of fresh irresistible Vanilla.  The Perma Scents Vanilla Air Freshener Spray Pen is long lasting and comes 12 per case. This pen comes in bulk as well just like the many other products Kleen-Rite carries.