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Adjustable Link Belts

If pulleys are causing your pump to vibrate, a link belt is the solution to your problem. Standard V-belts mold to the shape of the pulley when the pump is off causing it to vibrate when activated again, the links will not. Each individual link moves which dissipates the force on the link belt that would cause your typical one-piece V-belt to vibrate during operation. Another benefit of link V-belts, is their ability to be easily adjusted to match the length you need. To add or remove a section, all you need to do is twist the tab and fit it through the slot and twist it again to lock it into place. This also allows the link style V-belt to be repaired in the field. If a link breaks, remove the broken link, and add a new one. If you have extra links on hand, you can get back to work quickly without having to visit the store or wait for a new belt to ship.

Additionally, link belts are resistant to abrasion and offer extreme strength for heavy duty applications. Not only are they strong, these belts are also resistant to oil, dirt, moisture, and some chemicals. They are perfect for just about any pump that operates using pulleys and belts. We carry many lengths and sizes to match the requirements of your setup. The most common widths we stock are 1/2 inch and 5/8 inch. Purchase a link belt today and reduce the vibration of your pump.

Available Sizes:

  • A Section - 1/2″ top width (13mm)
  • B Section - 5/8” top width (17mm)


  • Reduces Equipment Vibration 
  • Adjustable
  • Repairable
  • Flexible
  • Replaces Standard V-Belts
  • Superior Strength (For High H.P. Drivers)
  • Resistant to Oil, Dirt, Moisture, and Common Chemicals
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Accept Reverse Bends and ¼ Twists


  • Power transmission, woodworking, ventilation fans, metal working, agricultural, packaging, marine, conveying, pulp and lumber, oil field, line-shaft drives, flat glass handling, machine tools, pumps and more!