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Self-Serve Dog Wash Stations and Parts

Animal owners love having a spot where they can clean their furry friends without causing a mess in their home. Make your wash their go-to spot by providing reliable and safe equipment that produces outstanding results so they can easily wash their dog, cat, or other four-legged animal. When you deliver an exceptional experience, you can expect customers to return and wash their pets repeatedly. 

Whether you are setting up a new pet wash or need to replace a dog wash tub or pet wash station we have you covered. New equipment attracts customers because they know it will function properly and it is safe to use. In contrast if they see rusty parts and worn components, they may question the safety and reliability of the dog wash. If you need to replace a part here and there, but the rest of your equipment is in good shape, we have the components you need to switch out that malfunctioning or worn-out part. We have everything from shower heads, hose, decals, tokens designed for dog washes, and much more.