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Hypro Pumps - Leaders in the Car Wash Industry

Hypro pumps have been the backbone of self-serve and tunnel prep units across the industry for years. Combining superior quality and affordable prices, Hypro back all of their pumps with an industry-leading warranty.

A good pump is the heart of every car wash. Without quality Hypro pumps, a car wash will not perform at an optimal level. If there’s anything that a customer cares about when it comes to a car wash, it’s the performance. Hypro products, including Hypro pump parts, will keep your car wash facilities up and running thanks to their reliability and durability.

For more than six decades, Hypro has been producing superior quality car wash pumps here in America. It has built a growing reputation for pumps that last long and are easy to maintain. Hypro was the first company to build pumps specifically for the car wash industry. These are not “one-size-fits-all” pumps.

Kleen-Rite stocks a variety of Hypro products, including Hypro pump parts, to help car wash owners keep their facilities operating at maximum efficiency.

We invite you to browse our inventory of hydro pumps below in order to find the perfect pump for your facilities.