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Refillable Spray Bottles and Trigger Heads

Every car wash, detailer, and cleaning operation need good spray bottles. After all, most cleaning products you use are in the liquid form and are sprayed onto a surface or applicator. When you purchase detailing, cleaning, and other chemicals in bulk, they often ship in containers that are too large to be carried easily. This often requires you to pour them into a spray bottle so they are easy to transport and use on the job.

We carry a wide range of empty spray bottles to suit the requirements of just about any job. These spray bottles are clear so you can see how much product is left so you know when to refill them. Bottles in this category ship without any labels so you can customize them with decals that match the chemicals you use. Make sure to label your bottles so you and your employees know what is inside them. Plus, OSHA has standards for chemical safety. We carry the label decals should you need those too.

Whether you need a trigger head that withstands harsher caustic products like degreasers, window cleaners, and tire dressings or one that is standard we have you covered with many options. Some of our options are equipped with triggers that are easier to pull which make every job easier. Take a look below for amazing options.