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Polyethylene Tubing

Used across various industries, polyethylene tubing is known for its ability to transport various liquids, gases, and fluids. This flexible, lightweight tubing is extremely tough and resistant to cracking, corrosion, moisture, and punctures making it perfect for fluid transportation in car washes. Polyethylene tubing is also commonly used applications involving air lines, chemical lines, wire jacketing, fluid lines, food and beverage, hospital, and laboratory applications.

We carry many options to suit the needs of your business or car wash. Clear tubing is a good choice when you want to see the fluid being transported through your system or when you want it to blend in. If you want to color code your poly tubing, we have a wide variety of colors to choose. You can even match the colors of the branding for your car wash. Kleen-Rite stocks polyethylene tubing with a wide range of diameters and pressure tolerances so you can match it to the requirements of your fluid transfer lines. Our tubing is sold by the foot that way you can purchase the length you need. Shop from our selection great products today!