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RUPES Polishers and Pads

Family-owned and operated since 1947, RUPES (pronounced ROO-pesz) is a world-renowned manufacturer of professional polishers and pads for the auto detailing industry. Its name is a pretty good indicator of that – RUPES is an acronym, not a family name. In Italian, it simply means Manufacturer of Specialty Pneumatic and Electric Tools!

RUPES' commitment to product innovation and quality manufacturing makes them one of the most respected names in high-end detailing tools in the world. RUPES polishers are regularly evolving to feature the latest technology, and the latest ergonomic advancements to let you provide superior results, faster, and to be able to use your tools for longer periods without discomfort. They produce some of the most powerful and advanced polishers in the world, as well as everything you need to get the best out of them – pads, compounds, towels, accessories, and more! At Kleen-Rite, we bring you a great selection of RUPES parts and equipment, at the best pricing in the industry!


What Does RUPES Offer the Detailing World?

RUPES is one of the premiere detailing equipment manufacturers across the globe. They are constantly bringing fresh new products to market to meet the needs of beginners and experts across the industry. They put innovation and quality ahead of everything else to provide solutions for every detailing need!

RUPES Polishers

There are a number of polishers available from RUPES, but the Bigfoot line of polishers is one of the most highly-regarded families of polishers in the industry! This includes:

  • Bigfoot Random Orbital Polishers: The most common polisher, these operate in random elliptical cycles known as orbits, where the head moves back and forth as well as circularly. Options like the RUPES LHR15III provide for an even pattern that helps to avoid overheating, making it great for beginners!
  • Bigfoot Rotary Polishers: These are the most powerful polishers on the market, but also have the steepest learning curve. Models like the RUPES LH19E Bigfoot Rotary Polisher create plenty of heat and friction to correct the deepest defects – but this also requires a light hand to prevent overheating or burning into the clear coat or paint.
  • Bigfoot Dual Action Polishers: These high-speed, high-power polishers combine the best of rotary and random orbital polishers. It features forced rotational movement, along with orbital motion, helping to tackle deeper defects similarly to the rotary polisher while lessening the chance for overheating through orbital movement. Take a look at the RUPES LK900E Bigfoot Gear-Driven Dual Action Polisher!

You can also find these in different sizing, including mini versions like the RUPES LHR75E Bigfoot Mini Random Orbital polisher for the smallest surfaces and spaces.

Polishing Pads from RUPES

To compliment your polisher from RUPES, use the best in polishing pads on the market today! RUPES produces both foam and microfiber pads in color-coded versions, so you can immediately see that you’re grabbing the appropriate pad. Blue Cutting Pads are coarse, with an aggressive texture for digging down and attacking the worst defects. Yellow Polishing Pads remove moderate surface defects, leaving a great finish, and are great as a single-step pad. White Finishing Pads have an ultra-fine texture for the most minor defects, sealant application, and high-gloss finishing. So get the entire set for the best results, and choose microfiber or foam to suit your skill level and usage needs!

Polisher Kits with Everything You Need!

RUPES makes sure you have everything you need to get your detailing business off the ground, with comprehensive RUPES polisher kits featuring Bigfoot polishers! In addition to your choice of a Bigfoot LHR15ES or LHR21ES polisher, these kits include all three levels of polishing pads, all three levels of compounds – coarse, fine, and ultrafine polish – a backing plate, towels, a Claw Pad cleaning tool, apron, Cable Clamp, and a handy carrying bag for everything!

All these and more from RUPES are available at a great low price from us, your reliable supplier for the detailing business!