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Protect Your Pump with a Pulsation Dampener

Use a pulsation dampener to reduce vibration, water hammering, and pressure spiking that can cause damage to your pump and high-pressure equipment. A quality pulsation dampener will also reduce stress on seals, regulators, solenoids, and more. That helps keep maintenance and cost down for your car wash!

  • Minimize or eliminate pulsations to the advantage of the equipment downstream of the system.
  • Protect the welds and pipe supports and system components from damage due to pressure.
  • Considerably limit pump vibrations thus ensuring better efficiency performance.
  • Reduce the effects of loading on the pump.
  • Preserve the efficiency and duration of any filters.
  • Reduce noise pollution resulting from pump operation.

Kleen-Rite brings you pulsation dampeners from Giant Pumps, CAT Pumps, Hypro Pentair, and our own house brand, at great low prices!