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Low Pressure Fittings

Valley Industries produces a great line of nylon and polypropylene fittings to suit multiple low-pressure applications. Valley's nylon fittings use only high quality type 6 virgin resin and can be used at pressures up to 150 PSI. Nylon is a great choice for use where chemical resistance is key, such as in car washing, agriculture, and industrial use! Nylon can also be used with gasoline.

We have great low prices on Valley Industries polypropylene fittings, too! Valley uses 10% glass polypropylene resin to produce fittings that are suitable for use at up to 150 PSI. Like nylon, polypropylene also offers great chemical resistance, but is not for use with fuel. Check out our full selection of fittings below and select your best fit at an unbeatable wholesale price!