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X-Jet Nozzles

The X-Jet is a revolutionary pressure washer nozzle that injects chemicals downstream of a pressure washer’s pump, hose, spray gun, and lance to protect these valuable components from harsh chemicals. Chemicals are mixed just before the fluid stream exits the nozzle so the cleaning solution is fresh and at its peak strength so you get the best results and waste less product. X-Jet pressure washing nozzles project fluid streams up to 40 feet so you can clean taller buildings safely on the ground. These nozzles are perfect for residential and commercial buildings. We stock the Original X-Jet (the fixed version), the M5 (the adjustable version), and the Twist DS (an X-Jet M5 designed for soft wash applications). Additionally, we carry replacement hoses, orifices, and proportioner tip kits in case you need to replace something.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Range of My X-Jet?

The reach of your X-Jet will vary depending on the flow rate produced by your pressure washer. A higher flow rate means more range. If you need to maximize reach, The Original X-Jet will be the best choice as it can reach 3 to 5 feet higher than the M5. 

Where do I Place the Proportioner Tips?

There is a spot on the hose barb to insert a proportioner tip. You will want to do this before attaching the hose.

Can I Wash a Roof with My X-Jet Nozzle?

Yes, you can! However, when using harsh chemicals you will need to watch for overspray. That way you don’t harm plants or damage your customer’s property.

Can I use a longer hose than the one supplied in the X-Jet Kit?

You can, with higher flow rate pressure washers. X-Jet mentions they have had customers add up to a 40-foot polybraid hose and longer for pressure washers that produce a flow rate of 8 GPM or higher. However, there may be negative impacts the longer the hose gets.

Is there any maintenance I should perform on my X-Jet?

All you need to do is rinse your X-Jet in fresh water to remove any leftover chemicals, just as you would with other pressure washing equipment. This prevents the chemicals from reacting and shortening the lifespan of your nozzle.

My X-Jet Won’t Draw Chemical

Start by checking the hose for an air leak. Then, make sure the ball valve is in the open position. If not, then open it. After that, remove the quick connect plug and check the spring and orifice for debris clogging it. The final step is to use a pressure gauge to ensure that your pressure washer is performing correctly. If all these tests are ok, try switching to a smaller orifice size.

Why is Water Spraying Out of the Hose Barb?

Start by removing the quick connect plug. Confirm the spring and orifice are present. Remove the spring and orifice. Clean off any debris and dirt buildup.

Why is My X-Jet Water Stream Too Misty?

Check your pressure washer’s performance with a pressure gauge to ensure it's outputting the proper flow rate and pressure. Another thing to check is if the correct size orifice is installed in your X-Jet. If the size is correct, switch to a slightly larger orifice to reduce the mistiness. If you pick an orifice that is too large, the X-Jet will struggle to draw chemical.

My Doesn’t X-Jet Reach as Far as Expected

If you are using The Original X-Jet check to see if the close-range nozzle is installed. When using the M5, turn the variable nozzle close to the zero-degree pattern to create a more concentrated stream of fluid to reach higher. Just be careful where you direct the stream at that spray angle, it can cause damage. If those two fixes don’t improve reach, check to see if the correct orifice is installed for your pressure washer. Check to make sure your pressure washer is performing at the correct specifications with a pressure gauge.

What Ratios Can Be Achieved with the Proportioner Tips?

See the "Water to Chemical Mixture" chart:

x-jet water to chemical mixture chart