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Flex Polishers and Pads

Impress your clients with impressive paint correction results by using Flex polishers and polishing pads. These polishers are designed with professional detailers in mind, which means they can tackle even the toughest jobs thanks to their innovative features including: electronic management systems, brushless motors, free-spinning drives, cushioned hook and loop pads, ergonomically shaped grip hoods, and more.  Flex offers many types of these machines for detailers, and we carry them all. Choose from random orbital polishers, rotary polishers, and forced rotation polishers. There are corded and cordless options to match your needs whether you are a mobile detailer or operate out of a garage. Flex constructs their polishers with high-quality materials so they last a long time, even with heavy use, so you can depend on them to get the job done. Many are even designed to be safe with temperature-sensitive paint too!

Flex pads are designed to work flawlessly with their polishers to make your life easy. They produce excellent results that will set your work apart from your competition. We carry their cutting, compounding, and finishing pads. For more information about which pads to use, check out our blog discussing each type of pad. Plus, other more unique options that are suited for specific paint correction tasks.

Don’t forget the backing plate, or you won’t be able to attach the pad to your polisher. If you have or plan on ordering a cordless polisher, we carry the batteries they require and charging stations so you can get started using your polisher. Order polishers, backing plates, pads, batteries, and chargers here so you can get everything in one place!


About Flex:

Founded in 1922, Flex is a manufacturer of power tools from Germany. Like many German companies, Flex is known for its high-quality, well-engineered, and innovative products. That makes their tools valued by professionals and even consumer markets. Their most popular products are angle grinders, cordless tools, drills, impact drivers, polishers, polishing pads, saws, and vacuum cleaners.

Polisher Options:

Flex makes three different types of polishers – rotary, random orbital, and forced rotation polishers.

Rotary Polishers - the most powerful type of polisher and are best for removing heavy scratches and defects in the paint. They feature a single oscillating disc that spins in a circular motion. However, they can be the most aggressive and can also cause swirl marks if not used with the proper technique.

Random Orbital Polishers - engineered with a disc that oscillates two ways simultaneously. It spins on a central axis and in a random pattern. This machine is less likely to cause swirl marks than a rotary polisher and is best for polishing and finishing paint.

Forced Rotation Polishers - a hybrid of rotary and random orbital polishers. These polishers are designed with a single oscillating disc that spins in a circular motion; it is also forced to rotate in a random motion simultaneously. It is a great bridge between the power of a rotary polisher and the smoothness of a random orbital polisher. Forced rotation polishers are best for correcting paint defects without the risk of swirl marks. However, they are also the most expensive type of polisher.

Why Flex?

Flex polishers are designed with features professional detailers and car enthusiasts love. These features help to make the polishers safer to use even on delicate paint types. Plus, the operator can use these polishers with less fatigue which makes it easier to complete long paint correction jobs. Check out some of their awesome features below.

The features listed here are some of the most common between Flex models and may not necessarily be included in all models.

Electronic Management System (EMS) – increases efficiency and protects the machine from mishandling energy which extends the longevity of their polishers.

Brushless Motor – delivers greater operating efficiency and less wear to increase service life. Free-Spinning Drive – won’t leave holograms when finishing.

Continuous Speed Control Trigger - provides a gentle start, flexibility when speed needs adjusted, and a lock-on feature allowing for continuous operation.

Counterweight – delivers smooth operation which is safer for paint and reduces operator fatigue so they can polish longer.

Flat Gear Head - reduces the distance to the surface which means these polishing machines can be operated safely in any position.

Ergonomically Shaped Grip Hood with Softgrip - the machine is designed and built to be comfortable for the user to grip and operate which allows for extended use during long jobs.

Low Heat Generation - these polishers are designed to reduce the amount of heat generated on the surface being polished making them ideal for temperature-sensitive paints.

Optimized Air Flow - optimizes cooling of motor and gear and eliminates exhaust flow which is often hot and annoying for the user.

Features unique to their cordless polishers:

Led Battery Capacity Display - shows the remaining charge on the battery even as you work.

Flex Battery System - suitable for all 18 v battery packs.