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Car Wash PPE and Safety Equipment

Its your duty to make sure your employees are safe on the job. Make sure you provide them with the appropriate personal protective equipment for hazardous tasks at your wash. This equipment will help keep your employees safe from harm, limit workers compensation claims, time off due to illness and help them stay on the job longer so you can continue running your car wash and detail operations efficiently.

Kleen-Rite carries a plethora of options that cover a wide range of protection applications. If your employees are handling chemicals supply them with safety goggles to protect their eyes from splashes. Protect the hands of your employees with gloves for protection against chemicals, punctures, and other hazards at car washes. There are also options that are designed with features that enhances the users grip especially in wet environments such as car washes. We also carry safety glasses, aprons, face shields, and more.

Additionally, it is a good idea to keep first aid kits on hand in case an employee or customer is injured at your wash. Make sure to keep tabs on the expiration dates and replace items in the kit as needed. One last thing to consider is equipping your employees for wet weather with rain suits and boot covers to keep them dry. Employees who are cold and wet while working risk catching a cold or getting sick. Purchase your safety supplies today!