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Kleen-Pak Hyper Concentrates

Concentrated Car Wash Soaps and Chemicals is the right solution for your crowded, compact control rooms.

Each Kleen-Pak 5 gallon refill pack contains two 2.5 gallon easy-pour jugs.

2.5 gallon jugs really help save space instead of a 55 gallon drum in the middle of the equipment room. Handling and storage of these convenient containers makes it really easy to use. The smaller jugs translate into huge savings as far as the cost is concerned. Unlike other soap distributors,  we don't lock you into an application system, so you have the freedom of choice when it comes to your automotive washing solutions.

Dump the Drum and Start Saving On … • Space. Store Kleen-Pak 2.5 gallon jugs on a shelf and free up the 55-gallon drum footprint to create a cleaner, more spacious equipment room.  • Ease of Use. Anyone can easily handle, store and refill.  • Costs. Using smaller 2.5 gallon containers translates into savings on shipping, container cost and blending expenses.