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Procon Pump Parts

We carry the OEM PROCON parts and accessories you’ll need to attach your PROCON pumps, get the best performance of them, maintain them, and get them back up and working in the case of emergency repairs. Check out our selection, and make sure you have what you need – these OEM parts come with manufacturer support and the fit and material you’ve come to expect from PROCON.


Procon Repair and Rebuild Kits

Procon and other rotary vane pumps are often notoriously frustrating to service, with it being difficult to access the internal components and avoid damaging the parts when you get the pump apart. Most customers find it more cost and time effective to simply purchase a new pump. For that reason, we no longer list our rebuild kits on the website. If you are still interested in buying a kit, please call Kleen-Rite and talk to a representative for assistance. We will work with Procon to find what you need and then let you know what the cost would be.