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Hydra-Cell Pumps

Hydra-Cell sealless pumps have an incredibly efficient design that nearly eliminates maintenance and helps the pump last longer – even when processing difficult liquids that contain abrasives and particulates! Each Wanner Hydra-Cell pump is engineered without seals, packings, or cups, and boasts a hydraulically balanced diaphragm that isn’t stressed when flexing. Made of tough, durable materials, these positive displacement diaphragm pumps are self-priming, capable of running dry, are low vibration, and handle the full spectrum of low to high viscosity fluids.

Hydra-Cell pumps are useful in a variety of applications like car washes, farming, landscaping, and more. There are a few different series within the Hydra-Cell line, with H-25 and D-10 being the most popular options. If you’re looking for a robust pump requiring limited maintenance that has the potential to last decades, a Hydra-Cell diaphragm pump is definitely worth the investment. Select from different flow rate, drive, and shaft size options to find the exact model that works for your application!

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Details That Make Hydra-Cell Pumps Special

  • Rigid Roller Bearings – Lubricated by oil bath
  • Fixed Angle Cam – Rotary motion translated to linear
  • Hydraulic Cells – Displace diaphragms with pressurized oil
  • Hydraulically Balanced Diaphragms – Capable of flexing without damage
  • Strong Valve Assemblies – Inlet and outlet valve assemblies properly guide liquid into pumping chamber and out discharge lines

What is Wanner Engineering?

Wanner is the parent company that designs, tests, and manufacturers the Hydra-Cell pump line. This respected organization has been around since 1972 and has their hand in a variety of high-pressure pump offerings for tough industrial equipment and process applications. While they also produce Vector and Stan-Cor pumps for other industries, Hydra-Cell pumps are their most popular and versatile products, and are ideal for the car wash industry.