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Sta-Rite Booster Pumps

Sta-Rite Pentair produces some of the most rugged booster pumps in today’s market.  Continuous, uniterrupted operation is allowed by the patented SignaSeal floating impeller design. This state of the art design minimizes thrust loads which can cause damage to motor bearings, mechanical seal, or the pump’s hydraulic components parts. These risks have been eliminated with this new design.

Standard Features

SignaSeal staging system uses a ceramic wear surface that is simply the best in the field. Ultimate in handling sand and thrust management system. Precision-molded acetal impellers for perfect balance. Ultra-smooth for highest performance and efficiency. Precision-molded diffusers offer the ultimate in performance with high resistance to wear and tear. Precision lapped and highly polished carbon-ceramic mechanical shaft seal with stainless steel parts offers continuous water lubrication. Superior motor winding insulation materials protect against excessive moisture and contaminants resulting in the longest motor life. Rotor is die-cast under high pressure ensuring precise performance and super efficiency. Dust cover canopy ensure all electrical components are protected from dirt, dust, and debris.