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OEM Giant Pumps Parts

Keeping a Giant pump operating efficiently and keeping your car wash up and running requires a solid maintenance schedule. To keep that schedule, and to respond to emergency breakdowns, you are going to need OEM spare parts to replace the ones that are worn or causing your pump to malfunction!

With Kleen-Rite’s extensive selection of Giant OEM pump parts for your Giant car wash pump, you can get your machinery back up and operating with minimal down time. Minimal downtime means minimal lost opportunity, and your customers will appreciate it! When your pump is operating properly, your wash will consistently produce clean cars.

Make sure to order your Giant OEM parts before you conduct maintenance so you have what you need on hand and can make your repairs right away. We carry a wide variety of parts ranging from ones to replace seals, packings, plungers, and valves to cases, driveshafts, and more! Check the parts list for your pump to make sure the parts match the compatible models.