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Hydro-Spray Blue Self-Serve Underbody Complete System OPEN-BOX DEAL

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Convenient system for self-serve customers to easily clean the undersides of their vehicles without bending over or awkwardly using a regular wand. Blue wand color option.


Product Description

Underbody Cleaning System with Blue Wand

Why has underbody cleaning not become commonplace in self-serve car washes? Each winter, the snow falls, the road salt is spread, and car wash busy season begins. Car, Truck and SUV owners are eager to protect their vehicles from harsh winter elements like dirt, grime and salt. At a typical self-serve car wash, customers can spray, scrub and clean around the body and tires of their vehicle but often miss one of its most vulnerable and exposed parts: the underbody. A simple solution to this problem has now arrived. The Self-Serve Underbody System, a simple expansion package for any self-serve car wash, offers customers a simple and effective tool for easy and effective underbody cleaning. This innovative system has the potential to increase both the customer satisfaction and the profitability found at an ordinary self-serve car wash.

What is the self-serve underbody system?

From a car wash customer's standpoint, the Self-Serve Underbody System gives them the option to clean the undercarriage of their vehicle - a highly valued option during winter months when road salt can cause costly, corrosive damage to many vehicles. The underbody tool has a simple design allowing for safe and easy operation. With the turn of a dial and the squeeze of a trigger, three nozzles release a high pressure spray which, once rolled under any size vehicle, effectively removes salt, dirt, grime and debris.

From a car wash operator's standpoint, this system is a value-adding service that installs directly into any existing serve-serve bay. Creating an entirely new cleaning option, this system increases the amount of time customers spend in the bay, produces additional revenue and increases customer loyalty. This cleaning option appeals highly to car wash operators in colder climates where vehicle owners are at an increased risk for corrosive damage as a result of road salt.

How does the system work?

The Underbody System creates synergy with any standard self-serve car wash. Utilizing one high-pressure stream coming from any existing self-serve equipment this system powers two high-pressure cleaning tools. By installing this system's unique control valve panel operators maintain the existing high-pressure flow to their self-serve bay while also creating a second high pressure option that, once activated, powers the underbody cleaning tool.

Activating the underbody cleaning tool can be achieved by adding an underbody option to any existing meter box. Many car washes have an open spot on their meter box dial. In this case, simply adding an underbody option to fill this spot will activate the system. If this is not the case, adding a push-button activation may be required to activate the underbody system.

Within the bay, a wall mounted boom, hose, wall bracket and weep bucket are installed to house the underbody cleaning tool. To prevent this exposed fluid line from freezing, a check valve assembly is used to connect any existing water weep system to the underbody system. The weep bucket is then needed to catch and drain any resulting weep water.

Why add this service to my self-serve bay?

Think about your customers. Many vehicle owners are actively searching for an easier and more convenient way to wash the underbody of their vehicles. Others may just be looking to try something new while self-serve car washes are becoming increasingly standardized. Set yours apart from the rest. Attract new customers and please loyal customers looking for more. The Self-Serve Underbody System was created to fill all of these needs while seamlessly integrating with your existing self-serve equipment, making it an instant hit for both car wash operators and customers.

What others are saying:

Jim Collins, Owner/Operator Rainbow Car Wash: Hyde, PA

"The Self-Serve Underbody System has been a great asset to our business helping with our customer retention, attracting new customers, adding value to our services, and increasing time in the wash bay. People love to try new things, and The Underbody System is definitely something that was needed in the self-serve bay."

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