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Armor All AAC17 Performa Conventional 17 Inch Wiper Blade - 5 Count

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1.76 lbs
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Five single pack conventional wiper blades. Each durable metal blade has a high-grade rubber wiper and a hook & v-clip pre-mounted adapter. 17" wiper length.

Product Description

17" Vented Frame Wiper Blades

The Armor All AAC17 is a bulk five pack of 17" Performa Conventional Wiper Blades for retail sale at car wash businesses, auto repair shops, detailing shops, and more!

Armor All Performa Conventional Wiper Blades boast all-metal construction with natural rubber wipers. A vented design means they don't get bent and twisted out of shape by wind. These wiper blade arms have a pre-installed connector that fits j-hook and side-pin arms. Performa Conventional Blades are an excellent option for clean and quick wiping performance at a reasonable cost. 

ArmorGlide technology offers the protective power that Armor All is famous for, and adds it to these high-quality wiper blades. This special coating provides more effective wiping ability and adds significant time to the life of the blades.


  • Each blade has 17" length
  • Sold in a multi-pack of 5
  • Conventional type blade
  • Clean, smooth wiping
  • All metal construction
  • ArmorGlide technology coating - crystal clear wiping and long blade life
  • Vent style frame controls wind force
  • Clean and low-noise wipe performance
  • Weight: 1.76 lbs.

Pre-Mounted Adapter:

  • Hook and V-clip

Arm Coverage:

  • Hook 9" x 3"
  • Hook 9" x 4"
  • Side Pin
  • Bayonet


  • 10070612450316

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