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Armor All AAC14 Performa Conventional 14 Inch Windshield Wiper Blade - 5 Count

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1.48 lbs
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Five single pack conventional wiper blades. Each all-metal blade has a high-grade natural rubber wiper and a hook & v-clip pre-mounted adapter. 14" wiper length.

Product Description

14" Conventional Metal Frame Wiper Blades

The Armor All AAC14 is a wholesale five pack of 14" Performa Conventional Wiper Blades for retail sale at car washes, garages, auto detailing shops, and more!
Armor All Performa Conventional Wiper Blades boast all-metal construction with natural rubber wipers. A vented design means they don't get bent and twisted out of shape by wind. These wiper blade arms have a pre-installed connector that fits j-hook and side-pin arms. Performa Conventional Blades are an excellent option for clean and quick wiping performance at a reasonable cost.

ArmorGlide technology offers the protective power that Armor All is famous for, and adds it to these high-quality wiper blades. This special coating provides more effective wiping ability and adds significant time to the life of the blades.

  • Each blade has 14" length
  • Sold in a pack of 5
  • Conventional style blade
  • Smooth, clean wiping
  • All metal construction
  • ArmorGlide coating technology - crystal clear wiping and extended blade life
  • Vented frame controls wind force
  • Clean and quiet wipe performance
  • Weight: 1.48 lbs.
Pre-Mounted Adapter:
  • Hook and V-clip
Arm Coverage:
  • Hook 9" x 3"
  • Hook 9" x 4"
  • Side Pin
  • Bayonet
  • GTIN: 10070612450286

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