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Flex PE 8-4 80 Kompakt 3 in. Rotary Polisher with 25 ft. Cord

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7.24 lbs
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A compact polisher designed for use on intricate hard-to-reach areas, contours, and small surfaces on vehicles and motorcycles. It has a cord measuring twenty-five feet allowing you to move around larger vehicles with ease. This Flex rotary polisher is compatible with 1- to 3-inch pads.


Technical Specifications

RPM: 3900
Watts: 800

Product Description

3" Compact Flex Rotary Polisher

Lightweight and designed for use in tight spaces, small surfaces, and awkward areas that need polished! The Flex 439.711 Kompakt PE 8-4 80 might become the secret weapon at your auto-detailing shop by hitting difficult spots that other polishers can't reach. This 800-watt rotary polisher has convenient speed control, and a strategically placed spindle lock to prevent operation error and overload protection.

Features and Specifications:

  • Polisher for small and difficult areas
  • VR microprocessor control: with tachogenerator constant speed control, soft start, continuous speed control trigger, restart protection after power failure, overload protection, temperature monitoring and speed selection
  • UPC: 877505018638
  • 3" diameter
  • 800 Watt
  • 1300-3900RPM (no load)
  • 80mm maximum diameter polishing pad
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Spindle lock
  • 25 ft. power cord
  • Flex PE 8-4 80 with standard 10’ cord is available (KR Part #FLEX411752)

Why Use a Compact Polisher?

Smaller polishers are great for removing scratches and swirls from smaller painted surfaces such as intricate bumpers on cars, body contours, and for motorcycles. Plus, they are great for spot repair. They are lighter than their full-size counterparts which means they are less cumbersome and easier to so your hands are much more steady when working on intricate areas. Since they are smaller your view of the surface being polished is much better than if you equipped a larger polisher with a small pad.

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