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Arctic Freeze Synthetic Refrigerant R-134a (18 ounces)

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Synthetic refrigerant kit with Cool Boost technology that produces colder air in AC systems. Approximately 15 ounces of R-134a and 3 ounces of additives. Seals common leaks in rubber components, and eliminatines acid and moisture buildup. 18 ounce can.

Not available in Canada


Product Description

18 Oz. Cool Boosting Refrigerant Kit

The Arctic Freeze synthetic refrigerant kit has a specially designed formula featuring Cool Boost technology that helps a vehicle's A/C produce colder air. The approximately 15 oz. of R-134a and 3 oz. of additives are used to recharge a vehicle's A/C system, seal common leaks in rubber components, and help extend the A/C system's life by eliminating acid and moisture buildup. This A/C recharge kit comes with a reusable charging hose and gauge.

  • Contains approximately 15 oz. of R-134a and 3 oz. of additives
  • Cool Boost technology delivers colder air
  • Contains leak sealer to seal common A/C leaks in rubber hoses, gaskets, and O-rings
  • Contains moisture and acid buildup eliminator which helps extend A/C system life
  • Comes with reusable charging hose and gauge with trigger dispenser for fast and accurate recharging
  • Reusable trigger dispenser with gauge and temperature dial indicator

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