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Simoniz S3468XXX Step 2 Titration Kit For High pH Products

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Easy to use kit measures the strength of cleaning solutions made up of high pH or alkaline products.

Product Description

Dilution / Portioning Test for Alkaline Products

Titration is the process by which the strength of a cleaning solution is determined. Results indicate the ratio of product to water in a mixed solution. Knowing this ratio is critical when cleaning vehicles in a Touchless Wash Process.

Kit Includes: small vial, large vial, (1) bottle indicator solution, (2) bottles titration solution

  1. Collect sample of mixed wash solution. Always test the solution at the strength at which it is applied to the vehicle.
  2. Allow time for foam to dissipate.
  3. Completely fill the small 5ml vial with sample
  4. Transfer sample to larger supplied vial
  5. Add 3 drops of INDICATOR solution to large vial and swirl, solution should turn green
  6. Add TITRATION solution one drop at a time, gently swirling after each drop. Count the number of drops until the solution turns bright orange.
  7. Refer to the TITRATION CHART, using the number of test solution drops as your result to read 

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