Acceptors & Timers

In the car wash business, reliable and accurate time management is essential to keeping the wash operating and high capacity and avoiding wasting resources. Kleen-Rite carries several lines of the most dependable and easy to install and use car wash timers available.
Car wash timers govern the amount of time users of self-service and full-service washes have to use resources such as hoses, scrubbers, vacuums and automated wash services. Kleen-Rite carries some of the most reliable timers in the business, from manufacturers such as Parker Grace, Paraplate, Dixmor and other top notch makers.
Having dependable coin acceptors is also an important part of the business. Kleen-Rite carries top brands of coin acceptors from trusted manufacturers such as Metro Coin, GinSan, Secure Coin and more. With our coin acceptors, your customers won’t have to worry about losing money in a faulty device, helping you establish a reputation as an honest and trustworthy wash.

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