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Rowe 400RL-C - Rear Load Custom Changer

Rowe 400RL-C - Rear Load Custom Changer

Part #: RC400RL-C

The Beauty of the Model 400 platform is that it is the exact same cabinet size as the popular Rowe BC1400 changer. Slide out the older model and slide in the new one. There is no extra construction cost for installation.

This changer is truly unique because you can match this change to your carwash by customizing the graphics and equipping. You can select a credit card reader/ bill acceptor, receipt printer, 2nd bill recycler/acceptor, coin acceptor and dispense coins and/ or tokens.

There are 6 different models of Rowe rear and front load changers that will accept credit cards and dispense tokens.

According to the American Banking Association, changers that accept credit cards must dispense tokens, otherwise they are acting like ATMs which is not allowed.

Rowe uses the USA Technologies credit card system and credit card processing. You can accept MC, Visa, Am Ex, Discover and dispense tokens for one low flat fee. The low flat fee is an industry exclusive. For example, if your credit card transaction is $10 the transaction fee is only 2.5% or 25 cents plus a low monthly service fee.

All the credit card systems are wireless and PCI compliant for maximum credit card account security for your customers. So each transaction is fast and completed in less than 10 seconds with no phone line cost.

Patrons are quickly and easily prompted thru the transaction by using this button and bright 2 line display.
Let's do a $5 credit card transaction dispensing 5- $1 tokens. We also have received a receipt showing the transaction amount, time and date. This printer is optional.
Operators can choose bonus tokens to be dispensed for $5, $10 and $20 transactions.

This model 400 is also equipped with a MEI bill recycler that acts like a bill breaker. It breaks a $20 bill into 3- fives and five dollars of tokens or coins.
In $20, Pay $5, please remove bill, Pay $10...Thank you.
Owners of Rowe changers that use this display tell us that patrons that try to cheat them by saying the changer took a $20 and only paid $5 disappear, because they see the changer knows what denomination of bill was used.

No other recycling changer has this capability and no other changer can take a bill in one side and dispense from the other because this changer is intelligent and knows the inventory levels of the recycler and dispenses from the side having the most bills!!!

Manufacturer: AMI 
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